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-quoted from The Delivery Man by Joe McGinniss Jr.


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The best music video of all time. Of course it would be Green Day. This one never gets old for me, I could watch it forever.
The Killers. Still one of my top bands of all time, but part of having a favorite of something is usually due to the memories it's tied to. They'll always remind me of certain people in my life, few moments still very clear in mind. They're classic for me.
Tyler Hilton. He's so, so underrated, that sometimes I'm kind of sad about it. But really, maybe it's better that way. Some people end up so lost by the time they get over-popular that their music is just never the same, and I'm not ready for him to stop putting out music that's just really, really good.
Michael Bublé. Yeah, he cheated on Emily Blunt. He's probably a horrible type but it's hard to get past the fact that he's kind of dreamy. Which is good because just dreaming is probably the safest thing you can do when it comes to him. Besides just listening, of course.

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